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Catch-up Profiles [Jan. 20th, 2008|04:17 am]
Fool's Gold: A Dresden Files RPG


Ah, insomnia. The only reason the GM gets anything done.

Name: Mark Whitney
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Personality Sketch: Can you say naive? sure you can. Well, actually that's a bit strong I think. Mark's what happens when you cross the immortality of youth, exposure to the supernatural and Dungeons and Dragons. He knows there's bad things in the world, heck he even knows a bit about them, but a lot of sources on the world beyond the mortal world contain more factual errors than Wikipedia (ok, fine poor example, but you get the idea). He's there to make a difference, and he's trying to do everything he can to prepare himself for the big bad things of the world. The only problem is, there's one thing more dangerous than complete ignorance. A little bit of knowledge. Sure he knows about crosses against Vamps, and cold Iron against fairies. But he's also got this weird idea that there's a difference between "demon" and "devil" and that cold iron works against them as well. Top that off with a touch of "I know kung fu" and you've got yourself a recipe for dead college kid. At least he has some idea what he's facing... maybe it'll be enough since he doesn't seem to know when to stop.
Character History: You know, life gets really interesting when you have a near death experience. Especially if it involves things that aren't supposed to be real. Like you know; magic, demons, little things like that. They're really cool, up until they try to kill you that is. That was about the point when my life went a bit weird. He saved my life although it was a little too late for Tom.
There is an upside to having the ever living daylights scared out of you though. You learn to cope. More importantly, you learn you have to defend yourself. It's real. Magic is real, and apparently there are at least a few writers who've got some idea what's going on. You know that whole monster's list in DnD? Well, it does have some things right. For one, holy water is really cool stuff. For another, home is a good place to run. Haven't gotten to try out the other stuff... but I am pretty well stocked. You know, holy water, I've got a silver pendent from my family, (I've been told it works as protection just like a cross) things like that. I figure that, combined with some martial arts classes (well fine, 10 years of martial arts classes) is enough to give me a pretty good chance of survival.

College is always an interesting shift for everyone. Classes are going pretty well for me, I've met some really awesome people in them and the profs seem to more or less know their stuff. There's also a local gaming group that I've started to look into, they play pretty regularly and so far they all seem to be pretty cool people. Let's see... what else am I missing? Oh yeah, I'm getting enough sleep, and keeping my clothes clean mom. I'll see you guys again at winter break.

Character Name: Lionel Richards
Character Age: Nearing twenty
Character Gender: Male

Personality Sketch: Lionel is a young man plagued by guilt, but he's buried that guilt underneath layers of stubbornness, determination, and almost three years of searching. What he's searching for, he will not say, but that search has led him into places no mortal should go, and he bears the mark of reaching those places and surviving them. That mark happens to come with the ability to shapeshift into a lion; he believes that if he'd not learned this trick, he would have long since died. He tries to come off as cold, cynical, and uncaring, and might even partly succeed, but this thin veneer cracks quite often.

Lionel has a deep-rooted mistrust of Authority Figures, especially Wardens, though he is as yet unaware of the proper name for them.

History Sketch: When Lionel was a junior in high school, he participated in an extra-curricular program similar to Big Brothers Big Sisters and became acquainted with a girl named Gabrielle Benske. She was, at first, somewhat fearful of him, but he earned her trust and began seeing her outside the program's parameters, becoming a big brother to her in every way but in blood. The day of her twelfth birthday, however, he arrived at her home to find it in splinters, with paramedics on the scene insisting that something had gone wrong with a gas line and that the entire family had died.

Conversing with a neighbour, however, led Lionel to believe that not only had Gabrielle survived... whatever had destroyed her home, she had been taken away by men in grey cloaks. Believing himself somewhat responsible for what had happened, Lionel returned home only long enough to pack and leave a note for his parents, and then set off in search of his little sister. This search has changed him in more ways than one...

Writing Sample: Lionel retreated into the darkest corner of the lot to lick his wounds, brown eyes warily watching for the gang who'd lashed out at him. After everything he'd encountered in the last year, this almost seemed laughable -- almost. Guns would kill him just as dead as as magic would. Maybe he should thank them for reminding him of that, as well of the fact that lions wouldn't intimidate all comers. Especially if they were young men, high on life and hopped up on greenies, who believed that they were invincible.

He could hear their laughter and self-congratulations and snarled softly, wanting to teach them a lesson. But the bullet in his paw hurt like hell, and he didn't want to further damage himself when he had no money to repair himself. So he would bring a lesson away from this - caution was best no matter the problem.