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New OC!! [Jun. 15th, 2007|01:47 pm]
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By a new poster! His name is Tom guys!

Name: Joeseph Hodges

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Hodges is a cop, end of discussion. He's spent ten hard years on the street, and he's become just as hard. Thugs, dealers, rapists, he's met them all and he's won. The worst dregs of society have been paraded before his sight, no more fear resides in him. He owns these streets.

At least, it was that way in New York.

Hodges has hardened himself to the sights of the darkest streets, but the problem is that the attitude carries over to daily life. He is already beginning to become the classic burned-out cop, convinced that humanity is horrific and pointless. Despite this, he prides himself on his toughness, convinced that everything can be dealt with if you're tough enough to do what must be done.

Until he got to Chicago. He's seeing things that can't be explained.
And he hates that.

While a part of Hodges sees himself as always on the job, his off-duty hours are mostly spent alone or in a pool hall, drinking, smoking and playing. He's mostly fallen out of touch with his old friends, as his growing disillusionment with humanity has caused most of them to simply avoid him, although a few still try to get him to talk about the things that bother him. He doesn't return their calls. There is only a single person that he has ever opened up to, and she's still in New York.

Hodges grew up in New York, New York, one hell of a town. His life was relatively normal until he was fourteen, when one of his best friends was gunned down in a drive-by. The result was a depression that lasted for years. When it finally lifted, aided by his close friends, he threw everything he had into finishing school. When that was finally over, he joined the NYPD.
Three years into the job, he learned that his friend had been involved with drug trafficking.
Hodges spent the first ten years of his career in New York, working on the streets. A few girlfriends, but no family to speak of. After witnessing the rape of a young girl in a back alley, there was an "incident." The charges were eventually cleared, but Hodges had to get out of town. The rapist had been the son of a minor crime lord, one that didn't take kindly to such matters. Over Hodges' protests, he was transferred to Chicago where he was immediately sent to SI.

"...I don't understand."

The sergeant sighed. "Hodges, there's not a cop here that wouldn't do exactly what you did. We understand." He waved a hand at the papers in front of him. "But the papers don't. And my bosses don't. And the mob doesn't." He looked at Hodges. "It's for your own protection."

Hodges was silent. What was there to say? Even if he managed to stay in the city, he'd likely be killed. He'd seen exactly what happened to those that crossed Gambini. It wouldn't be pretty, and the killer would be set free, again. Because there was a lack of evidence, again. Because no one in the entire city actually understood what needed to be done, how if any headway was to be made they had to fight fire with fire.

He didn't say that. He just nodded, and walked out of the office.