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New OCs! [May. 28th, 2007|03:44 pm]
Fool's Gold: A Dresden Files RPG


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Character Name: Felix McIntyre

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Personality Sketch: Felix is an honorable man, one who fully believes that there can be honor even among thieves. He keeps his promises not just because of the detritimental effects it would cause to his wizardry if he broke them, but because he feels that his word should be kept. He's calculating and steadygoing, never rushing into a situation that warrants enough time to plan ahead. His caution is his weakness though, as not acting fast enough has gotten him into more difficult situations. Felix is for the most part a pacifist, a "lover, not a fighter", as he would say. During break-ins and robberies, he prefers putting anyone who can fall into harm's way to sleep with his magic. His talent with veils is good enough to keep him hidden from scouting eyes, but nothing that can't easily be seen through by those who know what to look for.

History Sketch: Felix grew up in a little rural town on the Maryland/Virginia border with his parents and younger sister. He always wanted to grow up to be a treasure hunter, to search the world for lost artifacts and give them away to museums. Needless to say, his favorite movie as a child was Indianna Jones. To young Felix, the journey was much more rewarding than any treasure. Upon reaching his mid teens, his magic came to him. Drawing objects to him with magnetic force was easy work, veils much harder. Being young and foolhardy, his magic brought him into trouble at home, school, and in the entire town in general. No one truly believed his hijinks to be magic, except for another gifted child. A boy named Sam, the same age as Felix, was also discovering magic. The two became friendly rivals, until Sam took a darker path. It was then that the Wardens stepped in. Felix never knew what had happened to Sam for sure, but inside he knew he wouldn't see his friend again. WIth the Wardens' warning fresh in his mind, Felix turned away from his naivety, becoming the cautious and thoughtful man he is to this day. In his late teens, after completing his schooling, Felix left home and struck it out on his own. He fell into the wrong crowd in the bad side of Washington D.C., and was forced into a life of crime to survive. Using his talents to his advantage, he gained leverage over the years within the circle of criminals to essentially buy his freedom. In his early twenties with no real skills, aside from breaking into homes and banks, and no greater education, Felix turned to his childhood dreams. He used his magic and thievery to become a modern day Robin Hood, stealing money from the rich and giving it to charities anonymously. His wandering soon led him to Chicago, a city with plenty of new opportunities.

Special Notes: Felix used five old keys as focii, each with their own purposes. The smallest of the keys is intricately engraved and used for precision work with magnetic fields, mostly for picking locks. The plain key with few runes is used for veils and casting a mass sleep suggestion spell. The longest key is engraved with runes similar to the smallest key, but it used for working large amounts of magic for destructive force. The fourth key is used for tracking and scrying. The final key, the most ornate, is used for solid defensive magic. Because it is a strong defense, Felix cannot use it on reflex, and needs time to set it up.

Writing Sample:

It should have been simple, and Felix knew that well. He had spent the better part of a week planning out every possible situation. But things never seem to go as they were planned. It might as well have been written as another commandment. "Thou shalt not proceed as thou hath planned". And yet, the current situation Felix had found himself in had started out just like any other.
He stood out of the security camera's sight like he always did. It made a slow hundred-eight degree turn, surveiling the corner of the bank. The camera turned toward the door, away, then back again. From the shadows across the street, he had a good vantage point and a clear shot. He willed up his emotions, starting with his nervousness. It was best to get that under control before every break in. He wound his nerves, fear, and worry into a tight ball of energy. "Malacht..." he said as he wound up the pitch, and threw a curve ball straight at the camera as it turned away from the door. The energy flew through the air, and collided with the camera. Sparks flew from it, and it whirred to a stop. Doubtless, the guardsman inside was now wondering why the screen had turned into a snowstorm of static. It was now time to break in.
Felix reached down to his right hip, where a key ring rested, holding five ancient keys with runes meticulously enscribed onto them. He deftly clicked the ring open, selected a ring, and spun it around his finger as he clicked the key ring shut. He abruptly brought the key's spinning to a halt, holding it between his forefinger and middle finger. The key was iron, and its age stood out, but it had been properly taken care of. Felix concentrated, focusing on the runes on the key as he began working his veil. He knew it was ready, and began walking across the street toward the entrance of the bank. It was then that things began to go against his original plan.
The bank door swung open, and a heavyset nightguardsman waddled down the few steps. He placed his hands on his hips, staring up at the camera at the corner of the building. Felix had hesitated a step at the appearance of the guard, but quickly recovered. He now didn't have to break in, the door was wide open. His veil held, and he walked past the guard up to the top of the steps quickly. He watched as the fat guard waddled to the corner of the building and glared at the camera that hung impotently from the wall. Felix waited a moment longer, making sure the guard was fully interested with the camera before opening the door just enough to slip through, shutting it carefully behind him.
Felix moved quickly through the bank's front room, ignoring the guard's return to his post at a nearby desk. He had spent days inside the bank under veils, memorizing the layout and the quickest way to the vault. A glassed room stood in his way, a locked door. He looked around, making sure the guard didn't decide to get up off his ass and take a walk to shed those extra pounds. This was the tricky part. He kneeled in front of the door, and dropped the veil. He quickly switched keys, choosing the smallest key of the five. It had a set of hooked teeth and a different set of runes than the rest. He held it in his hand, pointing it at the locked doorhandle. He had chosen this bank to break into for a reason. It was an older complex, consiting of no electronic locks, which would have hampered him greatly.
Picking locks with his magic took a lot of focus. He placed his gloved hand to the door, leaning against it as he relaxed, his breathing slowing. He could feel the light magnetic field that everything around him projected. It vibrated lightly over him as he drew it in, focusing it at the end of the key.He gave the energy a little push, reaching out with it to test the tumblers inside the lock. After a couple long minutes of testing, he found the correct combination, and forced the tumblers into their allignment. He stopped leaning against the door, and carefully opened it. He took slow and steady steps, the keys at his hip still making light jingling noises as he walked across the room.
The vault was in the back, and it appeared as any other vault made before the digital era took over the safety of one's money. It was very large, round, and had what always reminded Felix of the helm wheel from a boat for the combination device. He didn't rush as he took up position in front of the vault. He held the key up before him as he opened up his senses to the magnetic fields around him once more. He drew upon his energy within him, concentrating upon the task at hand. He took a couple more moments to prepare his magic, then began slowly moving the wheel with magnetic force. As he turned the wheel, he Listened for the tumblers to go off. It wasn't something one could normally hear without assistance, but Listening was different than normal. Felix ignored every other sound around him. His slow and steady breathing, the beating of his heart, the slight noise the wheel made as it turned. He Listened solely for the clicking as he reached the correct position. It was a dangerous thing to do, especially if the guard made rounds. Felix wouldn't be able to hear anyone sneaking up on him until it was too late.
It took another couple of minutes that felt like hours, but the lock slid open, and Felix pulled his hands toward his body, willing the door open with the last of his focused magic. He reached into a jacket pocket and pulled out a small package. He ripped it open, and snapped the cylinder, and shook until the glowstick came to life. In the neon blue light, he made his way to the safe deposit boxes, ignoring the majority of the money. Something of great value had been put in this very bank the week before. An older gentleman, one that would remind you of the guy off the Monopoly game, had deposited some jewels within his safe deposit box. Felix was lucky enough to be there staking the place out when the man came to deposit his property. Felix didn't usually take jewels from random old men, but something seemed odd about it. Not many people trusted jewels to banks anymore, much less ones that didn't rely on electronic locks. The small safe deposit box was the last lock standing in his way, and it took no longer for him to open than it did for the door or vault.
Inside the box, Felix found ten small diamonds, and what looked like a sapphire the size of an eyeball. Felix hesitated, checking his surroundings one last time, before tossing the gems inside of a small bag. He shut the safe deposit box, locking it shut with his magic, and retreated from inside the vault, tossing the glowstick inside the bag as well and pocketing it. He shut the vault with his magic too, and left the room, locking up behind himself again. It was easier locking up when he knew the basis behind the lock. Felix exchanged keys once more, switching to the one he had used before.
A couple moments later, he was hidden behind his veil and walking toward the front door. He expected to see the heavy guard sitting at his desk, reading a newspaper with a cup of coffee by his side. He even expected to see the guard asleep. What he didn't expect to see, was the guard eviscerated on the marble floor of the front room. And Felix sure as hell didn't expect to see a Ghoul, a creature of the Nevernever, standing over the recently disembowled guard. Felix's face paled, and he lost all semblence of concentration. From the looks of it, the Ghoul didn't expect to see Felix there either.

Character Name: Aleyna Thompson
Age: around 20
Gender: Female
Personality Sketch: Out of the two twins, she is definitely the more playful of the pair. Prone to fits of giggling and hyperactivity, it’s hard to take her seriously. Constantly smiling or smirking, Aleyna takes full advantage of what she is, seductive, and unnaturally beautiful. She’s easily amused, and easily distracted, and for this, a lot of people underestimate her. They shouldn’t.

Coupled with her playful personality, and her unnatural beauty, she is one of the most seductive succubus in the White Court that isn’t in one of the major houses. Unafraid of playing with her prey…unafraid of killing them. Her playfulness transforms itself to a new level when on the hunt, and, feeding well and often, she’s one of the stronger members of the Moroii, however, she has no desire for a position of power, and doesn’t really have the brains for the political game of most White Court Vampires play to begin with. She’s been labeled as flighty and ditzy, and usually these assumptions are true. When not hungry, she’s quite flighty and easily bored, and has gotten into trouble more than a few times because of her desire to become un-bored.

She’s only serious when one of her own are hurt, and then Hell hath no fury like Aleyna scorn’d. Feel like dying a bloody painful death? I suggest going for her brother. She’ll use guns or swords if she had to, but she prefers using her power and simply tearing an enemy to pieces. She’s quite protective of him, and the two have grown close as they’ve gotten older, and to see the two of them cuddling is not out of the ordinary.

Character Name: Jaycen Thompson
Age: around 20
Gender: Male
Personality Sketch: Jaycen is the more serious of the two twins. Quiet, reserved, and deceptive, it is he who manipulates and deceives. He has his playful side, like his sister, but he’s not as easily distracted, and not nearly as flighty. He is just a minute or two older, but it seems to be so much more than that when the two are ever near each other. Quick to smile and quick to anger, he doesn’t trust as easily as his sister does, and he seems to be more loyal as well.

He is more careful when it comes to himself and his Hunger—he doesn’t let it control him as his sister lets hers, at times. He feeds enough to keep him strong, but because he doesn’t feed like his sister does, he’s not as strong nor as supernaturally pretty. He enjoys the mind-games that White Court Vampires play, but knows he’s small fish and therefore would rather stay out of the way of such things.

When nervous or challenged, he has a tendency to get sarcastic and his exceedingly dry sense of humor comes out as a defense mechanism, and he’s been known for enjoying crappy 90s and 00s pop music despite his better judgment. These are things that would shatter his manipulative image, and he therefore keeps it under wraps. He enjoys staying active, and likes running and swimming to relieve stress, which accounts for his complexion being darker than his sister’s. He’s taken to fencing, but likes knives, daggers, blades, and arrows better.

He is fond of his sister, and nothing will happen to her as long as he’s around, even if he had to kill a few people to do it. There is some deep dark secret in his past that he’ll tell no one about, and is probably the reason why he isn’t as jovial as his sister is.

History Sketch:
(joint sketch for Jay and Ley)
Jaycen and Aleyna were born in Los Angeles California. The children of House Kavan, they were primarily a house that fed off of lust, and aligned itself under House Raith. The two children grew up knowing what was to become of them in a few short years. They grew up in a big family, but they kept to themselves, playing with each other as they were the youngest of the house.

Their father was a lackadaisical ruler, and an almost negligent father, with enough money to give the children nannies, neither of them saw him that often, mostly around birthdays and holidays, where he did the normal rich parent thing of lavishing his children with money instead of attention. Their childhood was relatively uneventful, but the two of them were always a level or two socially above their classmates and their peers, and they were often gossiped about being weird or not like the others, basically because they were.

Middle school passed relative uneventful—Jaycen reached his final height of 6’ even quite early, and Aleyna hers at 5’7. By the time they got to high school, at 15, they were restless. Eager for the change as they were meant to be. Aleyna was already unnaturally pretty, and had her pick of any boy at the school to date, Jaycen was naturally handsome and had a lithe, but toned build, and had the same luck as Aleyna with women.

Age 16 rolled around, and after the birthday parties, both of them found themselves nearly delirious with Hunger for the first time…never feeling so alive…so needy…so damn Hungry before.

Each was escorted to a room with an enemy of the House…and by the end of the night both of them were full fledged, satisfied vampires. School was no longer interesting—both dropped out within days and got their GEDs, just in case.

Jaycen immersed himself fully within the politics of the White Court, while Aleyna, who’d never had a mind for such things, simply relished in her powers, in her hunger. Seeing his father as a weak ruler, and a worse politician, he quickly decided to rise House Kavan to a higher state…and slowly began moving pawns in place to overthrow his father.

Unfortunately—his father was not as negligent as Jay originally thought. Within two years, a few weeks before Jay planned to stage a coup, His father and his two older brothers kidnapped Aleyna, and when Jay went running for her, eyes flashing and white, he was ambushed by the whole of the Kavan house.

((In here is some dark secret about what Jaycen did to allow safe passage out of town for himself and his sister...I promise, they won’t tell me…and it’s bloody annoying!!))

Given two days head start, Jay and Ley changed their last name, and moved as far into the middle of nowhere that they could find. Knowing that their family had strong connections in most major cities, and up and down each coast, they picked the Midwest—where most WCs in their right mind wouldn’t go. They finally ended up in Montana, and, hearing of a small gang there, decided to find some shelter for a few weeks as they got back on their feet and made some arrangements.

A few months with the Moroii turned into a couple years as they grew more attached to its members. Aleyna had toned down her feeding, and Jaycen had decided to watch the politics of the court from a distance. And he couldn’t help but be amused as the young Abram tried to take Richter out of power. He remained out of the whole thing, but he was aware of what was supposed to happen to Abram, if he were to win. He was equally bemused when such plans backfired, and Abram became a true leader.

Aleyna and Jaycen didn’t really have a loyalty to either, but now that Richter is gone, they are sheltered in Abram’s gang, and so far will protect him if anything decides to happen. Here they’re safe…here they have at least some back up if House Kavan ever comes looking for them.

Writing Sample:

“Jaycen, Jaycen, Jaycen…”

Dark grey eyes looked up stormily at his brother, as he stood between him and his sister, who was watching with brighter eyes, as if ready to take her elder brother down in a heart beat.

“Stay out of this, Reyen…” He murmured, his dark eyes set. He hadn’t tapped into his hunger yet, but he would if he needed to. Right now they were focused on two things—the door behind Reyen, and the blade that was gripped in Reyen’s capable hands. His eyes were already bright, and Jaycen knew for a fact that he’d been feeding.

Aleyna fidgeted impatiently. She didn’t want her brother to face him. Jesus…just because she was a girl did not mean she needed to be protected…especially now…she was nearly…itching for a fight. She put a hand on her twin’s neck.

“Jay…let me do it…” She murmured, looking between him and her brother. “Or at least we can both take him.”


”Oh…at least let her try, Jay…she won’t get far.” He murmured, crossing his big arms across his chest. Jaycen only laughed, pushing himself out of his battle stance.

“As long as you think so, Reyen.” He chuckled recklessly, stepping out of the way, between his sister and his older brother.

Aleyna grinned ferally, her eyes nigh glowing now. Out of a pair of jeans that looked nearly painted on, she with drew two daggers, and grinned. “This’ll be fun…”

A half-hour later, Aleyna rose from her crouched position, as Reyen slid to the ground groaning. Jaycen slung an arm around her, giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Let’s get out of here bro.” She said, dropping the dagger he’d been wielding that she’d taken from him.

Jaycen, scuffed a little of the pinkish blood from the wound that’d started the little scuffle, and rubbed it off on his brother’s jeans. “My thoughts exactly.”

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And! New Villains!

Caucasian male, appx. 33 years of age.

He could be any normal Joe you might pass on the street, but be careful -
behind the laughing eyes and the friendly smile is a quick-witted mind. Re-
ports indicate that Winchell tends to make friends quickly and easily, and
discards them just as fast. No known contacts, no known family.

Formerly an apprentice of Alan Shepherd, Winchell participated in the 1992
rebellion against the White Council. It is unknown if he took part freely or
was coerced by his master, as he disappeared while Shepherd did battle
with the Wardens sent for him. He's turned up every few years or so since
then and has apparently been selling his magical talent to the highest bidder.

His magic is unpredictable and has been known to backfire on him from time
to time, as he somehow managed to make his power entirely dependent up-
on the roll of 20-sided dice. Careful observation has revealed a total of five,
each keyed to a different spell: A red die for fire-based magic, a blue die for
water-based magic, a white die for protective shields. It is uncertain what
the other two dice are used for, as nobody has ever seen him use them.*

Winchell is wanted alive because of his participation in the uprising.
Despite his actions in the past, he has never once broken any of the Laws.

Trent "Tigger" Winchell put the poster down and arched an eyebrow at the man sitting across from him. "Is this supposed to frighten me?" he asked with a slight grin. "I have no fear of the Council, or their attack dogs."

The man made a sound of exasperation. "It is a warning," he told the luck-wizard. "For them to put these out again, they're getting closer to you."

"And, what, you'll turn me over to them if I don't do something for you? Go ahead. They won't kill me. They can't."

A hair-raising noise that sounded like the grinding of teeth; Tigger grinned in response. He loved it when people tried blackmailing him. "I told you my prices. Threatening me won't earn you a discount - in fact, if you keep it up, the cost will rise." Leaning back in his chair, he added, "Don't try to raise the stakes unless you're prepared for someone to call your bluff."

*These two dice are, respectively, black and yellow. He uses the yellow one to provide light and the black one to track. Yes, his magic is entirely dependent on the dice roll, meaning he gets backfires every time he rolls a one. Also, he's roughly midlevel in power, so while getting a natural twenty may win him the battle, it can be harder on his body than a one.

Name: Richard Rosewood

History: Richard Rosewood was botn into a family of wealthy English socialites, and has never terribly liked the fact. Having few to no friends as a child, he instead cultivated a variety of skills as he grew up where other children might play with their friends. His life was uneventful...

...until Rufus arrived.

Some might call it MPD. All young Richard knew was, one day, he woke up and there was someone else in his head. As a child, he would blame the odd broken lamp or drawings on walls on 'Rufus', who was dismissed as an imaginary friend.

But Rufus was anything but. Nor was he a Somehow, within Richard's body was a second being. Rufus was everything Richard was not: He was loud, boisterous and occasionaly violent, loving to pick fights and often winning them.

The two formed a strange sort of bond, and Richard managed to keep Rufus out of the attention to a world at large...until the day when Rufus was let out at a fairly high-class get-together his parents had thrown. Long story short, Richard buggered off, put into a sort of self-imposed exile. There was no love lost between him and his parents; his father was hoping to simply cultivate Richard into a new him.

Some years passed. Richard continued to cultivate various skills, as did Rufus. Little is known about what he did during these years, but today, he works as a mercenary/bounty hunter, and he is good at his job.

Richard is extrenely adept at tracking, hand-to-hand combat, and even swordsmanship, though he doesn't get much opportunity to employ that particular skill these days. Rufus, on the other hand, has cultivated the reflexes of a cobra, fists like rocks, and an uncanny ability to ignore pain, to the point of seeming invincible. Together, they have a nigh-perfect record.

Though not magical themselves, Richard is both aware of and very knowledgable about magic and the magic community, and specializes in jobs involving such things

Personality: Richard is the epitome of the english gentleman. Polited, reserved, cool under pressure, and basicaly all-around gentlemanly. He's difficult to annoy and good at quick thinking.

Rufus is much more...base. His favorate pastimes involve drinking, fighting, and drinking while fighting. He is a loud and obnoxious personality with a love for violence. But he's not stupid; while not as refined as Richard, he can be just as clever.

Writing Sample:

(To be added later.)